‚ÄčLigonier Beach

Restaurant, Lounge and Swimming Pool 

Celebrating 92Years

     Ligonier Valley Bathing Beach opened for business on July 2, 1925.  Built by the Gallo family, it was destined to be a popular summer-time stop along the newly constructed Lincoln Highway.   The pool was dug out to be 400 feet long and 125 feet wide. The water flows into the pool via an aquifer, which accounts for the refreshing, cool temperature. These days, the water is now treated with chlorine gas to maintain a safe, weekly-tested chlorine level. 

   The original property featured a large dance floor and pavilion and a large man-made sandy beach next to the massive pool.  The pool itself used to have a high dive, wooden spinning wheel, and spotlights rising from the middle of the pool.  The spraying fountain and jumping board are original features that are still here today.  

     The dance pavilion and bandstand made "the beach" a popular spot for locals to come and hear Big Band music that was popular in the 1930s and 40s.  As a youth, Dean Martin's family had a summer home in the area at that time.  He became employed as a towel boy, and ended up singing with the bands.  Perry Como is another legend who played at Ligonier Beach around the mid-century.  

     In 1998, the Gallo family sold Ligonier Beach to the Graham family, who ran it for 10 years before selling to his daughter and son-in-law, Sherry and Steve Kozar.  Recent additions to the property include an indoor bar and dining room with extended-season hours, an outside deck and patio with a pool-facing bar, and a newly remodeled snack bar.  

     Although Ligonier Valley Beach has seen some major changes throughout the years, including the construction of Route 30,the re-routing of the Loyalhanna creek and dropping the "Bathing" from its title, the original swimming pool and the heart of the beach remain the same. So come by and snag a beach chair, soak up some sun, and relish the history that is Ligonier Valley Beach.  

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